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Built To Last

Speed Pro pistons, made of a special hypereutectic alloy and coated with moly, are less prone to scuffing on cold starts and virtually eliminate ring groove pound-out.

Positive intake seals meter the oil to the valve stems to reduce oil consumption and help prevent abnormal combustion.

Melling double roller, heavy-duty timing chains have passed GM's 400-hour "dock test." No car-type link chain has ever passed this test.

Brass freeze plugs will never rust or corrode like the standard steel ones found in most other engines.

Premium-quality Hastings ring sets with moly top rings seal better and last longer.

Heavy-duty valves with chrome-plated stems minimize wear to insure longer life and better performance.

New 350 heads with the right intake ports flow 26% more air than the car heads that are used by most other rebuilders.

Built To Perfom

The Genuine Marine engine made 36 more horsepower than a brand-new GM car engine and 20 more horsepower than a competitive marine engine with swirl-port heads, when all three were tested on a dynomometer.

See our Marine Warranty.

You can build them right or you can build them cheap...but you can't do both!