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Grooms is celebrating 41 years as one of the nation's leading remanufacturers. We produce top quality engines in our plant. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Grooms maintains warehouses and sales offices to provide prompt service and delivery throughout the nation. 

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Brief Overview of the Company

Grooms Engines originally built high performance engines back in the '60s and early '70s for some of the famous names in NASCAR racing, including Coo Coo Marlin, Darrell Waltrip and, Marty Robbins. Over the years, it has evolved into a production engine remanufacturer with over 80 employees that build up to 10,000 engines per year.

engineWe offer a complete line of domestic and import engines, from the old to the new and everything in between. NO ONE DOES LATE MODELS BETTER! We maintain an extensive inventory, including a growing line of imports. In addition to our engine lines, we also offer heads for almost any engine, and we offer a complete line of transmissions.

Mission Statement

"To remanufacture and sell engines and engine related products that provide the best value for our customers and allow the company to prosper while providing a secure future for our employees."

Company Background

NHRA LogoGrooms Engines got its start in 1967 when Roger Grooms was racing an AA gas dragster. He couldn’t find anyone to do his cylinder heads the right way, so he started doing them himself in his mother’s attic. Within a couple years, he had his own machine shop in downtown Nashville doing high performance engines for a whole slew of wheel-standing NHRA Super Stock drag cars as well as high performance engines for famous NASCAR names including Coo Coo Marlin, Darrell Waltrip, and Marty Robbins. The racing business was seasonal, so the company started doing heavy duty truck engines in the off-season just to stay busy. It was a good fit, because heavy duty and high performance both require the same kind of precise machining and a lot of attention to detail.

34,000 square foot shopPretty soon, Grooms Engines was building more truck motors than race motors and had to decide to focus on one or the other. After a lot of thought and consideration, Roger decided to phase out of the racing business and commit himself to remanufacturing regular car and truck engines because he felt that there was a better opportunity for growth in the traditional automotive aftermarket. The business grew, so it moved from the original small job shop into a 7500 square foot building in 1975. In 1980 the shop had doubled to 15,000 square feet and in 1984 the company moved into the present building with 34,000 square feet. We currently have about 80 employees and are remanufacturing about 50 engines a day in our plant. We have over $2,000,000 invested in the best equipment available in the industry including Rottler boring bars, Sunnen hones, Berco grinders, Peterson mills, Goff ovens, a Serdi machine for guides and seats and a Sim Test machine, to name just a few. Our people are all "Car Guys" who know why we do what we do and follow a written process to make sure we do it right from teardown to assembly.

An Industry Leader

"Built Best" by real craftsmenWe are unique in the industry because our engines are not built on assembly lines – one man builds one engine and signs his name on it. Our engines are "Built Best" by real craftsmen using only brand name parts like Federal Mogul, Mahle, Clevite, Dana Victor, Cloyes, Silvolite, Hastings, Fel-Pro, Melling, Durobond, Elgin, and U.S. Tool.

That’s why our warranty return rate is among the lowest in the industry. Grooms Engines is recognized as an industry leader and has received both the "Methods Improvement" and the "Hazardous Waste Management Award" for small business in Tennessee.

Engine Builder MagazineDoug Anderson, the past president of Grooms, remains active in research & development and in cataloging. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has written numerous technical articles for Engine Rebuilder Magazine over the last 18 years. Doug has been honored with the coveted "Remanufacturer of the Year" award from the prestigious group, Production Engine Remanufacturers Association.


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